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Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) Box Set

Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) Box Set

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The Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) is a comprehensive system for improving program quality, built around the Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment (PQA). The SLPQI Box Set provides everything you need to assess the quality of your summer program(s), identify staff training needs, and ultimately use data for continuous quality improvement. The SLPQI set includes full access to Youth Work Methods online courses, a set of research-based and time-tested strategies for working with youth. This box set is appropriate for a single program site. Includes the following:


 - This training prepares staff to use the Youth Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tool. 

 - This training prepares staff to lead a planning meeting. 

 - These trainings are specific skills-based workshops aligned to the Youth PQA that are designed to support the development of instructional skills in staff. 

*An account may only be assigned to a single individual. An active email address must be provided in order to establish an account. Account access is active for the period of 90 days from the time of enrollment.


  • SLPQA Instrument (bundle of 5) [learn more]                               
  • Online Scores Reporter - 1 year of access (1 Login)

 - This online system is used to enter external assessment data, print custom reports, and track program improvement plan development.